Welcome to the 001 Game Creator Documentation, dedicated to the flow of knowledge between the wide range of users, its contributors and its creators.

Getting Started

If you’re new to 001 Game Creator, we recommend you start by checking out the Getting Started page. You can use the side bar to the left or see the shortened list below to jump to specific topics relating to certain tasks.

Video Tutorials

A great starting place for many newcomers is our multiple video tutorial series on YouTube. Here you can learn the basics of using 001 Game Creator:

Simple Scripts

Wondering how to create a day/night cycle, flashlight/torch or fishing system? Then we recommend checking out our Simple Scripts page, where we provide simple scripting solutions for some of the most commonly posted scripting problems.


Having issues with 001 Game Creator? Then check out our Troubleshooting page to see some of the most common problems users run into and how to resolve them!