Build Game

Building Your Game

RPG – Build Game (Part 5/5)

In this part of the 001 Game Creator video tutorial series, we’ll be making magic, adding a new party member and creating a kill quest, as well as building our game so that others can play it.

Once your game is complete and you’re ready to share your game with the world, you need to first build it for the platform(s) of your choice. You can do this either by clicking the floppy disk icon along the main toolbar at the top or by opening the Game menu and selecting “Build Game” from the drop down menu to open the Build Game window. Here, you can specify the output directory (which is the location that the game will be built to) as well as the type of build.

Windows Installer

Click Here to see Windows Installer build information.

Windows Plain Files (Advanced)

Click Here to see Windows Plain Files build information.


Click Here to see Steam build information.

HTML5 (.js/.html)

Click Here to see HTML5 build information.

Android (.apk)

Click Here to see Android build information.

Android Signed (.apk)

Click Here to see Android Signed build information.

Android Bundle (.aab)

Click Here to see Android Bundle build information.

iOS (.ipa)

This builds a compatible IPA file of your game for use on iOS devices.
Please note: You will need a Mac in order to deploy.


This builds a single “Data.1RC” file and is only used as a means of sending your project to the 001 Game Creator team in order to track down bugs and other errors you may be encountering.

Dedicated Online Multiplayer Server

When ticked, internal changes are made to the game build so that, when it launches, it’s treated as a dedicated server. Dedicated servers do not render the game window, while still displaying the console log, allowing for improved performance.