This section is used for creating additional player statistics which can be used to affect Actors in the game.

Some default statistics like HP cannot be removed, as this is the Actor’s health property and plays a key part in the majority of games.

Once a statistic has been created, its value can be altered in the Actor window under the “Base Statistics” section. Statistics play a large part in Role-Playing Games (RPGs), and many RPG titles will use statistics such as health, magic, attack, defence, agility, wisdom, etc.

Statistics can be useful when creating different character classes in a game, such as warrior classes with high attack but poor magic, or a wizard with high magic and low health.

Game Recipe #5 – Sprint with Stamina (Using Statistics)

In this recipe, we will walk through the scripting required to implement a sprint system. We will be using a Stamina statistic to limit the length of time the player can run. Using statistics enables us to easily increase maximum stamina as the player levels up, and modify it via items and equipment.


Add Statistic – creates a new Statistic.

Display Name – is used to identify the Statistic in the editor.

Scripting ID – is used to identify the Statistic through scripting.

Graphic – sets an optional 32×32 pixel graphic to represent the Statistic.