New Game

There are several built-in project templates that allow you to get started quickly. These templates include:

  • “Action-RPG“ – for creating role-playing games using 2D art assets.
  • “3D Action-RPG“ – for creating role-playing games using 3D assets, instead of 2D Sprites.
  • “Platformer Game” – for creating platform games where the player jumps from platform to platform and interacts with traps and other obstacles.
  • “Point-and-Click Adventure” – for creating point-and-click adventure games where the player uses the mouse to interact in a story by exploring and solving puzzles.
  • “Blank Template” – for creating any game you want. This template is intended for more advanced users as you will have to create your own Sprites, set up your own Input Triggers and design your own Interfaces.

Open Game

Launches the New / Open Game dialog.

Close Game

Closes your project and returns you to a blank 001 Game Creator workspace where you can create new projects or open existing ones. You may also be prompted to save your game before closing if you haven’t saved your project.


Saves your project so you can continue working on it at another time.


Closes your project and 001 Game Creator completely.