Map Too Small in Full Screen

Use the “Change Zoom” event to dynamically scale your games to the user’s resolution. To do this, divide the width of the user’s screen resolution: Screen.SizeX by the number of horizontal pixels you wish to be visible at all times. For example: if I only want the player to see 1024 pixels horizontally I would write: Screen.SizeX / 1024. This ensures that only a set amount of horizontal pixels are visible regardless of the user’s screen resolution.

Alpha Layering

To get around alpha layering limitations in 001 Game Creator, you can use Actors that are loaded at your desired rendering order.

Change Collision in-game

To change the collision of a Sprite in-game you’ll need to use the “Change Body/Clothing” event to swap out the current Sprite body for another.

Out of Memory/OpenGL crashes

Please ensure your video card drivers are up-to-date and supplied by the proper vendor (not Windows update). It’s also worth looking at the Resource Profiler to see the total Memory Size of your game and reduce assets that are exceedingly large.

Cursor Not Showing in Full Screen

By default, the cursor will not be rendered in full screen games as this is mostly undesired. You’ll need to create a cursor Sprite and use the “Change Cursor Sprite” event to change the default cursor. It’s recommended that you put this inside the “Introduction” System Trigger so that the cursor is changed as soon as your game starts.

Tinting Screen

Use the “Fade Out” event and set its duration to 0 to instantly change the screen tint to any color you want. You can use the color transparency slider to adjust the intensity of the effect.

Customize Damage Numbers

You can use a “Spawn Field” event on the HUD Interface. You can find the attack/damage calculation inside the “Attacked” trigger of the “Actor” Actor Template.

AI Pathfinding in Platformer Game Projects

Use a script or “Automatic Movement” to move/face towards the player character and act accordingly. Most platformer games don’t use pathfinding since you usually just need to walk in the direction of the player.

Updating Game/Save Files

If you plan on updating your games after release and don’t wish to corrupt/cause conflicts with a user’s save file, make sure that “Minimalistic saved games” is ticked in the Game Settings window.

Terrain Elevation/Slanted Floors

For 3D games, use height maps with custom collision. For 2D games, create a Lower Object Tile-Set and create a custom triangular collision to form a ramp.

Game Lag/Slowdown

Please see the Performance page for information on how to optimize your games performance.

Flickering Sprites

This is most likely a Z-buffer issue. Make sure that different render layers are set in the Sprite Editor.

Strange Direction Behavior on Clothing/Accessory

If a body Sprite and its clothing/accessory Sprites directions are set up differently it can cause conflicts and cause Z rotation to behave abnormally. Please ensure that directions are set up identically for body Sprites and its accompanying clothing/accessories.