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Submission Guidelines

Games need to meet AT MINIMUM the following requirements and will be checked to conform to these standards:

  • Game must be complete. (Minimum 10 minutes play time.)
  • Content should generally be suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.
  • No ripped/stolen/copyrighted content is to be used. (You must have the rights to use all content in your game.)
  • Games containing excess amount of glitches or errors (lacking finished game polish) will be denied.
  • Games based on childish themes (For example- Bodily fluids and functions) will be denied.
  • HTML5 games MUST have a working embed link.
  • PC and Mobile games MUST have a working link to your hosted download. (Example Your IndieDB, project page. )
  • HTML5 and PC submissions MUST include at least one screenshot and one 256 x 256 icon.
  • Screenshots for games still in development MUST be age appropriate as outlined above.

Any games not conforming to these standards will be disregarded and will need to be resubmitted via the below form. SoftWeir Inc. and its agents reserve all rights to remove/change content as they see fit, whenever they see fit. Soft Weir Inc. and its agents reserve right to accept or deny applications without prior notice.

    Video embed link:

    Game Type(required):

    Link to your game (required):

    Game Preview Image 256x256 (required)

    Screenshots (one required)