The following list of individuals can be stated as nothing less than the people behind 001 Game Creator.

Mike Weir


  • Co-created 001.
  • Programmed software.
  • Programmed website.
  • Designed 001.

Cody “AnvilHouse”

(Project Manager)

  • Created 3D models for 3D and FPS template.
  • Created new website content.
  • Moderated forums and Discord.
  • Beta-tested.

Lee Bradley

(Community Manager)

  • Handled support and bug reports.
  • Produced video tutorials.
  • Produced documentation for 001 (tooltips and wiki).
  • Beta-tested.


Joey Lavoie

(Internal Support)

  • Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
  • Technical support.
  • Scripted the MMORPG template.
  • Scripted the point-and-click template.
  • Developed some games internally.
  • Assisted in creating art.

Matthew Cameron

(Internal Support)

  • Beta-tested.
  • Imported, managed and edited new built-in resources.
  • Contributed to 001 trailer.
  • Built graphic-separator and audio browser internal-use tools.

John “Whoacoder”


  • Technical support.
  • Beta-tested.


Olav “Partysofa”

  • Discord Moderator.
  • Technical support.
  • Beta-testing.


Former Team Members

Pierre Cayer

  • Co-created 001.
  • Created classic art.
  • Created icons within website and software.

Noé Neto “Noah”

  • Wrote scripts for 001 video tutorials.
  • Technical support.
  • Beta-tested.


  • Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
  • Assisted in programming website.
  • Programmed default interfaces.
  • Translated software and website into Portuguese.


Stephen Chapman

  • Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
  • Programmed testing game used to test out many engine features.
  • Made new sample, platformer trailer, beginner tutorials, screenshots and many event icons.
  • Contributed to 001 trailer.


  • Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
  • Approved submitted bug reports.


  • Moderated forums.
  • Moderated game submissions.
  • Approved submitted tutorials.



  • Composed all music included by default for new games.
  • Translated software and website into German.
  • Moderated German forum.


  • Moderated forums.
  • Approved submitted tutorials.


  • Approved submitted resources.



  • Approved submitted resources.

Keith “Kilatorian”

  • Scripted the FPS template.
  • Technical support.
  • Beta-tested.


Joel Steudler

  • Composed music for all trailers.
  • Designed old websites.
  • Modeled several 3D art assets and some of the new art assets.

Graham Lackey

  • Designed built-in platformer art and editor icons.

Carlos Cara Alvarez

  • Designed built-in point-and-click environment art.


Helen Daphne

  • Designed built-in point-and-click character art.

Bernardo “Saitoz”

  • Program testing.

Special Thanks

  • Brendan
  • Brad Smith
  • Adam Szabo
  • Aaron Webb
  • “YunO”
  • Aleff Correa
  • “Ixayou”
  • “Scaveleon”
  • “alpking”
  • “bmadrid”
  • Dustin Crenna
  • “RPGamer311”
  • “Scorp”
  • Patrick Lester
  • Juan Garcia
  • Brayden “McFly”
  • “MadeBySaints”
  • All users who submitted 8+ rated games.
  • All users who submitted resources.
  • All users who submitted tutorials.
  • All users who subscribed.
  • All users who know who they are that contributed to the development of our community.

Curious about the history of 001 Game Creator? Feel free to take a peak over at our History page to find out!


  • FreeImage open source image library, used under the FIPL, version 1.0.
  • Hunspell open source spell checking library, used under the LGPL, version 2.1.
  • PVRTC (PowerVR Texture Compression) library, used with permission by Imagination Technologies Ltd.
  • WavPack open source loseless/hybrid audio library, used under the BSD license.
  • mpg123 open source MPEG audio library, used under the LGPL, version 2.1.
  • Zlib open source general purpose compression library, used under their license.
  • Assimp (Open Asset Import Library), used under the BSD license.
  • iniparser INI library, used under the MIT license.