What’s the difference between the Steam and the standalone version?

001 Game Creator is available on Steam as a one-time purchase and also available through our website for a one time fee. Both versions are identical and offer consumers a choice between whether to run 001 Game Creator through Steam or as an independent executable.

When is the next version of 001 Game Creator coming out?

The next version shall be publicly released when it meets our standards and is deemed complete. Some updates will naturally take longer than others to produce, and vice-versa. Time constraints would only lead to the hurried release of an incomplete, sub-standard product.

What sets this apart from other engines?

See a list of stand-out features on our Overview page.

Are there resolution/layer restrictions like other engines?

No, and no! You can set any resolution you like and you also have an unlimited amount of layers – as you specify the amount yourself when creating a Map!

Can I host my game on my own site for free?


Does 001 Game Creator have online multiplayer support?

YES! You can create online multiplayer experiences ranging from 2-player co-op to full blown MMOs (we also have an MMORPG DLC Kit to make that task easier!) In addition, you can also create local multiplayer experiences for up to 4 players with multiple gamepad support included!

Do 001 Game Creator branding/logos appear in my games?

Not if you don’t want them to! By default, a logo will appear before your game loads for the first time but you are free to disable this by going to Game > Game Settings and toggling the “Display launch logo (Appreciated!)” option.

Can I sell my games?

Yes! If you’ve purchased a copy of 001 Game Creator you are free to distribute your games commercially if you so choose. There are no additional license/revenue fees so you get to keep all of the profits too!

Only for Windows?

The 001 Game Creator development environment is only available for Windows however the games you create are not bound to these same restrictions. You can export your games to Windows, Steam, HTML5, Android and iOS devices!

Can I export to Mac/Linux?

No. There are currently no plans to export to these platforms at this point in time.

What are the requirements for Android/iOS?

In order to run 001 Game Creator games on Android devices, the device in question will need to be running on version 2.3.3 or higher.

For iOS deployment you will need a Mac or a jailbroken device.

How do other people play my games?

This is dependant on how you choose to export your game (Game > Build Game). In Windows, you can choose to package your game in an installer or as plain files to compile into your own installer or distribute without one. You can also build your games for Steam, see Steam’s SteamDirect documentation from more details.

For HTML5, you will need to upload your files to a web server (or through a distribution platform like Kongregate, Newgrounds, Itch.io, etc) and then you can simply link people to your game via a URL.

For Android, you’ll need to upload your APK file to the Google Play store and once it’s approved you can send people a link to your store page.

What language is 001 Game Creator based on?

The games created in 001 Game Creator are built on a custom version of BASIC. You have the option to use graphical script or text code editors however it should be noted that textual scripting offers no advantage over graphical scripting.

Can I create x game with 001 Game Creator?

Most probably, yes. 001 Game Creator is not limited to specific genres and has been used to create a wide variety of different types of games. From Action-RPGs, to Space Shooters, Tower Defense, Puzzle games, Card games, Platformers, you name it! Not all of these genres have pre-built templates available but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create them!

Will more templates be added in the future?

Yes! Templates are pre-configured projects that allow developers to jump straight in without needing to set up anything prior. The software comes packaged with several templates, but more advanced templates can be downloaded from our products page.

Can you add support for my native speaking language?

Unfortunately, 001 Game Creator doesn’t have full UNICODE support (this is a limitation of Visual Basic 6.0 that 001 Game Creator is built on). This means that certain foreign languages can never be supported by the engine, like Russian or Japanese. We’d love to be able to support these languages however there is no way for us to easily workaround this limitation. We apologise for the inconvenience.

When I try to open my project the program crashes! How do I fix it?

Ensure that your video card drivers are up-to-date and supplied by the proper vendor (not Windows update). You can also try enabling “Off-screen rendering” in Tools > Options. If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please send a bug report by going to Help > Submit Bug.

Can I get feature X?

An earlier, community-wide, campaign aimed at garnering user recommendations yielded an overwhelming number of requests. Due to the increasing size of the 001 community, we have had to limit feature requests for the time being. This gives us the time to properly and patiently consider all individual requests.

How do you pronounce 001?

“Double-oh-one”. Unless you’re referring to it’s original codename “Engine001”, then it’s “Engine Oh-oh-one”.

Why was it called 001?

Click here.

My question still hasn’t been answered…

If your question hasn’t been answered above, then feel free to ask it on the Steam Discussion board. You can also join us on Discord where we have staff on daily.

For Parents

What is 001?

It allows anyone with an imagination to develop video games on their computer.

Is 001 safe?

Completely. It does not install any spyware or viruses. We have also taken the precautions so that games sent to our site cannot, in any way, contain viruses, as we only allow game files to be sent, rather than EXE application files. If you would like parental controls, purchase the Educational version.

Can you create violent or offensive games?

With the standard versions, yes. If you would like parental controls, please purchase the Educational version.

Can you create games containing sex or drugs?

All assets for 001 do not contain anything inappropriate of that nature.

How much does this cost?

See our Downloads page for standard pricing and to download a FREE Demo version. For a price quote for our Educational version, click here and then fill out the form.