Player and Party

When adding a party member (by clicking the “Add” button besides the party list), the Pick Actor Template window will open allowing you to specify whether the player character should relate to an Actor Template, meaning it will use all of the settings that are stored in that Actor Template.


Money – sets the amount of money the player will start the game with. It is possible to name your own currency in your game’s Interfaces.

Party Member

Name – sets the name for your character.

Currently In Party – when ticked, the character will be a member of the current party when the game starts.

Player – sets the controllable player in multi-player games. Player 1 is the default for all single player games. You can have up to 4 playable characters in multi-player games and their individual inputs can be set up in the Controls window.

Edit Actor – opens the Actor Properties dialog where you can alter the character’s appearance and behavioural settings.

RPG – Cutscenes (Part 3/5)

In this third tutorial, we’ll be setting up gamepad controls, learning how to modify the player’s appearance and attributes, as well as creating a cinematic cutscene with enemies to fight.

Experience Growth

Starting Level – sets the level at which the player character starts the game.

Last Level – sets the maximum level the player character can reach.

First Level Experience – sets the amount of experience the player character starts the game with.

Experience Progression – sets the amount of experience points that need to be gained before leveling up. By default this is set to 677, so the player must gain 677 experience points before they can reach Level 2.

Magic Progression

This section is used to specify which type of magic is learned by levelling up. Select the magic from the list on the right and click on the “Add” button to see it in the list above. Then double-click on the level to change what level is required before the player character can learn that type of magic.

RPG – Build Game (Part 5/5)

In this part of the 001 Game Creator video tutorial series, we’ll be making magic, adding a new party member and creating a kill quest, as well as building our game so that others can play it.

Statistic Progression

This section is used to set the progression of your different Statistics per level.