Local Help File – the same content available on the Wiki but in an offline format. This is updated periodically so for the most up-to-date information you should always check out the online Wiki.

Online Wiki – an online resource dedicated to everything 001 Game Creator related. The Wiki acts like an extensive user manual, explaining all of the ins and outs of the software.

Tips – learn about various tricks and tips using 001 Game Creator.

Map Editor Help – navigates to the Maps Wiki page.

Interface Editor Help – navigates to the Interfaces Wiki page.

Script Editor Help – navigates to the Script Editor Wiki page.

MMORPG Kit Help – navigates to the MMORPG Kit (Premium) Wiki page.

3D FPS Kit Help – navigates to the 3D FPS Kit (Premium) Wiki page.


Community Tutorials – navigates to our Steam Guides where you can find user-created tutorials/guides on how to create games in 001 Game Creator.

Video Tutorials – navigates to our YouTube Channel where you can watch video tutorials and trailers.

Action-RPG PDFs – offline PDF files of our video tutorials.

Legacy Tutorials – home to our original “Beginner’s Tutorial”, “Scripting Tutorial”, “Cutscene Tutorial”, “Interface Tutorial” and “Platformer Tutorial” which haven’t been updated in some time. For all intended purposes, these tutorials are considered legacy.

Guided Engine Training

Guided Engine Training is an optional tutoring session where your specific issues can be addressed by a team member in a more personal setting.

001 Game Creator Social Media

Links to various 001 Game Creator social media accounts including our Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, Steam Community, Discord Channel and Web Site.

Educational Version

Navigates to our Educational page, where educational institutions can ask for a price quote for bulk student licenses. This version of 001 Game Creator is specifically tailored for an educational environment – removing elements of blood, gore, weapons and foul language from the software. It is available in a MSI file that makes network installation easier for educational institutions.

SoftWeir Inc. Social Media

Links to the SoftWeir Inc. Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Submit Bug

If you encounter any problems with 001 Game Creator then you can submit a bug report so that it can be fixed for a future version:

Username/Password OR E-mail Address – Provide a valid e-mail address so that the team can get in contact with you, should they need further information feel free to contact us via our Discord(Internet Required) or our Steam Discussions(Internet Required).

Problems – here you can specify the type of problem(s) you’re experiencing.

Project of Concern – the project you’d like to send that has the problem(s) you’re experiencing.

Map or interface of concern (if any) – if your problem is related to a Map or Interface then you can specify this here. Otherwise leave it at the default: “Not Applicable”.

Object names of concern – if your problem is related to a particular object(s) then you can specify this here. “Objects” referring to things like Actors, Fields, etc.

Description of problem – here is where you can explain what the problem is you’re experiencing. Please be very specific and provide a recipe (if possible) as to how to re-create the problem to ensure the team fully understands and is able to track it down more quickly.

Include Saved Games – when ticked, this allows you to send saved game data along with your project (if needed).

Include Sounds and Music – when ticked, this allows you to send your Sounds and Music along with the rest of your project. Unless your problem is specifically related to Sounds and Music it is recommended that you disable this option as it will reduce the sending time considerably.


Navigates to the Team page on the 001 Game Creator Web Site where you can learn more about the project and the team behind the software.