Clicking the “Light” button and choosing a square on your current Map will bring up the Light window.


Display Name – is used to identify the Light on the Map.

Scripting ID – is used to identify the Light through scripting.

Position – sets the X/Y/Z coordinates of the Light on the Map.

Currently Turned On – when ticked, the Light will be initially lit from the start.


Color – sets the color of the Light.

Dark Light (removes light components) – when ticked, the Light will remove brightness from around it instead of generating it. This option is only visible when “Use legacy lighting system (no shader usage)” is enabled in the Advanced Game Settings window.


Radius (pixels) – is how far the Light will be visible for in pixels.

Start and End Angles Z (Regular XY) – these are the starting and ending angles of the Light on the XY plane. This is the default angle used for most camera orientations.

Start and End Angles Y (Front XZ) – these are the starting and ending angles of the Light on the XZ plane. This is used for projects with a head-on camera, such as “Platformer” games.

Sharpness – is how soft the edges of the Light will be. The higher the value, the sharper the Light’s edge.

Ignore Obstacles (faster performance) – when ticked, performance is increased considerably, at the cost of light being able to travel through walls.

Amplitude Graph

You can customize the way a Light flickers by clicking the cursor in the white box and dragging it to create a new pattern, or selecting a preset.

Time Span – sets the frequency at which the Light pattern plays. The effects of this will not be seen if the preset is set to either “Null” or “Steady”.

Preset – sets a pattern at which the Light is played.

  • Null – no Light at all.
  • Steady – Light is always on.
  • Pulse – starts dim and then gradually gets brighter and then gradually gets dimmer again.
  • Blink – occasionally turns off and then immediately back on.
  • Flicker – continually turns on/off randomly.
  • Strobe – rapidly flashes on/off regularly.
  • Glow – steadily brightens and dims.