Clicking the “Timer/Spawn” button and choosing a square on your current Map/Interface will bring up the Timer/Spawn window.

Basics (Part 4) – Scripting, Timers and Zones

In this 001 Game Creator video tutorial series, we’ll be going over the basics of using the engine; from detailing what each of the main editors do, to learning how to create your very first game with NPCs and quests! In this fourth part, we’ll be looking at Scripting, Timers and Zones – understanding the scripting language used in 001 Game Creator, the different ways it can be used (including how Timers and Zones work), and putting together scripts of your very own to add interactivity to your games!

RPG – Flashlight (Bonus 1/2)

In the first part of this bonus tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a flashlight as well as making a roof for our bedroom that toggles on/off when the player enters/leaves.


Display Name – is used to identify the Timer on the Map/Interface.

Scripting ID – is used to identify the Timer through scripting.

Position – sets the X/Y/Z coordinates of the Timer on the Map/Interface.


Initial Delay – sets a delay before the Timer starts. Set this to 0 if you don’t want a delay.

Every Interval – is how frequently the Timer will run. This could potentially cause slowdown if set to below 0.1 seconds.

Number of Ticks – is the maximum amount of times the Timer will run. If this is set to 0, the Timer will run continuously without a limit.

Game Recipe #1 - Simple Following Flashlight/Torch

In this Game Recipe, we will be going over how to make a light follow an actor. We will be covering how to make a light that is centered on a player, or a light that is positioned in front of the player.

Wait Until

Player within (pixels) – the Timer will not run until the player is within a certain distance to the Timer.

Must be turned on through an event – when ticked, the Timer will not run unless it’s turned on through a “Start/Stop Timer/Spawn” event.


See the “Referencing Objects” section on the Script Editor page to learn about the global terms “relate”, “this”, “main” and “party” and how they can be used.

  • Initial timer tick – runs the script during the first Timer tick.
  • Every timer tick – runs the script at every Timer interval.
  • Final timer tick – runs the script during the last Timer tick.
  • Killed all spawned actors – runs the script once all spawned Actors have been killed.

Spawn Actor

By placing an Actor on the Map on top of the Timer/Spawn, that Actor will be spawned.

Maximum Simultaneous Spawned Actors – is the amount of Actors that can be spawned onto the Map through this Timer at any one time.

Add counter to spawner actors’ names – when ticked, newly spawned Actors will add a numeric value to the end of its name so that all instances are unique.