System Triggers

This window is used to modify special scripts that activate under certain conditions.

Game Recipe #3 – Title Screens

In this Game Recipe, we will discuss making a title screen for your game. We will be using an interface with selectable fields, as well as system triggers.

Game Recipe #7 - Custom Cursor

In this recipe, we’ll go over how to set up a custom cursor. We’ll be switching to the custom cursor upon starting or loading a game, but you can use the same event to change the cursor between sprites in the middle of the game, if you’d like.

RPG – Menus/HUD (Part 4/5)

In this fourth tutorial, we’ll be adding new resources, creating a start menu and changing how the player’s health is represented on the HUD.

Introduction – scripts will run at the very beginning of your game.

Party Member Level – scripts will run when a Party Member levels up.

Party Death – scripts will run when a Party Member dies.

Loaded Game – scripts will run when the user loads a game save.

Pick Up/Treasure Chest – scripts will run when an Item is picked up and/or a treasure chest is opened.

Door Code – scripts will run when a Door (that requires a code) is activated.

Locked – scripts will run when a Door/Vehicle Actor (that is locked) is activated.

Application Closed – scripts will run when “X” button on application title bar is pressed.

Connection Received – scripts will run when a client has connected to a server using the “Host Server” event.

Connection Lost – scripts will run when a client/server has disconnected.

Console Input – scripts will run when the user enters something into the dedicated server console.

NOTE: Network System Triggers (Connection Received & Connection Lost) have ip/id parameter Use Values, with “ip” being the IP address of the connected client and “id” being a unique incremental number that is used to reference a specific client (primarily used when sending Network Messages). These are accessible only within the script of these two triggers and can be found in the Use Values menu under Parameter Variables.