Steam API

The Steam API is a requirement for distributing your games on Steam. Developers will first need to fill out the Steam Direct digital paperwork in order to gain access to the Steamworks SDK and its relevant documentation, which is essential for new users.


Once you have access to, and have downloaded, the Steamworks SDK you can use the “Steam (Windows)” Build Game option to compile your game for Steam distribution. Make sure you input your game’s Steam App ID in the Game Settings window first (a prompt will alert you if you haven’t inputted your Steam App ID).

When content is uploaded to Steamworks (see Steamworks Pipeline documentation), you’ll then need to install the script file(s) “redist.vdf”/“Redist001.exe” (see Steamworks Install Script documentation) that are produced alongside your game files when using the “Steam (Windows)” build option. This is a critical step, as there are certain DLL files (such as `DX8VB.DLL`) that are required to be installed for the game to work. Not doing so will lead to the game build failing Valve’s review process.

Your game’s icon will be generated as a separate file, during build, and should be uploaded to Steamworks in order for it to show up on Steam correctly (see Steamworks Client Images page).

You can then generate a Steam key (see Steamworks Keys documentation) and run your game from within Steam. Please note: Games cannot run outside of Steam when using the “Steam (Windows)” build option.


Steam Achievements are a great way to market your game and reward the player for doing something. You can add Steam Achievements to your game from the Steamworks Achievements page.

To use Steam Achievements inside your game, you’ll need to use the “Award Steam Achievement” event in 001 Game Creator and reference the “API Name” of the achievement you wish to reward to the player.


Steam Statistics allow you to maintain numerical data about your players. You can add Steam Statistics to your game from the Steamworks Statistics page.

To use Steam Statistics inside your game, you’ll need to use the “Set Steam Statistic” event/“Steam Statistic” use value in 001 Game Creator and reference the “API Name” of the statistic you wish to use.

Steam Cloud

To utilise Steam Cloud functionality in your games you’ll need to turn on “Steam Auto-Cloud Configuration” whilst using “Root Overrides” (see Steamworks Cloud documentation).

Steam Deck

Games properly setup for Steam are compatible on the Steam Deck. Click Here for more information.


Must be launched from Steam error
The game will not work unless it’s running within Steam and the folder contains a “steam_appid.txt” file containing your game’s Steam App ID. In order to build your project you must ensure the “Steam App ID” property in Game Settings is filled in.

Game doesn’t open when launched through Steam
The typical cause of the game not launching is a faulty Steamworks Install Script. You must ensure Redist001.exe is ran, and if prompted to, restart your computer.