Getting Started

The first options available to you when you start 001 Game Creator for the first time will be the option to create a new game or open an existing project. You can also find links to the Beginner’s Tutorial from this menu.

New Game

If you don’t have an existing game and this is your first project, click on the “New” button from the New / Open Game window or go to File and select “New Game…”

Both of these will take you to the New Game window, where you can select either a Template or a Demo. Which template you pick affects which kind of game you will make. More advanced users can select the “Blank Template” and create everything from scratch but it’s advised that less experienced users select a pre-made template.

Templates are projects with a few details already put in, such as Sprites, Tile-Sets, Items, etc. These can be modified in your project later to fit your own game’s needs. Templates allow users to prototype their ideas quickly, without needing to first create assets or set up basic controls, etc.


By default, you will start 001 Game Creator with two folders called “Demos” and “Examples”. Projects you create will appear outside of these folders. You can create your own folders by clicking “New Folder” in the menu. You can also change the default location of these folders by selecting the ellipsis (…) button in the bottom-left corner of the menu and selecting “Browse…”

  • Demos – these are pre-built games with specific genres in mind which you can play to better understand the kinds of things 001 Game Creator is capable of. You can modify these projects to learn from them or even use them as a base for your own game(s).
  • Examples – similar to demos, with more focus on showing off one particular feature which you can make use of in your 001 Game Creator games.


By default, all games are stored in: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\My 001 Games\ – You can change this by clicking on the ellipsis (…) button to the left, underneath the image, selecting “Browse…” from the drop down menu and then selecting a folder you’d like your games to be stored in.

Below are some other 001 directories for various other files pertaining to your games:

  • C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\001\Games\[Game]\SETTINGS.INI – When using the Save Setting event, this is where the data is stored by default.
  • C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\001\Games\[Game]\SAVE*.1SV – When using the built-in save system, this is where your game saves are stored.


  • Open – opens your selected project.
  • Play – plays the selected game without having to open or modify the project.
  • Rename – changes the name of your game’s project file or folder.
  • Delete – removes the project and its files from your hard drive.
  • New Folder – creates a new folder to store project files in, as detailed above.
  • New – opens the menu for creating a new game.
  • Cancel – closes the New / Open Game window but not 001 Game Creator itself.


  • Beginner’s Tutorial – launches the built-in “Beginner’s Tutorial”, which covers the basics of using the 001 Game Creator software.
  • Help – opens a drop down menu where you can launch:
    • Built-In Tutorials – these include: “Platformer”, “Scripting”, “Cutscene” and “Interface”. These tutorials will explain certain aspects of the 001 Game Creator software.
    • Documentation (F1) – launches the built-in documentation, which covers everything in the Wiki but in an offline format.
    • Online Wiki (Internet required) – launches your default web browser and navigates to the Wiki.
    • Community Tutorials (Internet required) – launches your default web browser and navigates to the user tutorials available on the 001 Game Creator website.
    • Forum (Internet required) – launches your default web browser and navigates to the 001 Game Creator community forums, where you can request help from the community, find resources and games or showcase your own.
    • Submit Bug (Internet required) – launches the Submit Bug window so you can submit bugs/errors you’ve encountered whilst using the 001 Game Creator software.
    • Social Media (Internet required) – various links to social media such as the 001 Game Creator Website, Facebook page and Twitter page.
    • Tips – launches the built-in Tips window that provides some small but useful tips for using the 001 Game Creator software (submitted by the community).
    • About (Internet required) – launches your default web browser and navigates to “The Team” page, where you can learn more about the development of 001 Game Creator.