If you’re looking to find ways to improve the performance of your games, click here.

Game Settings

Opens the Game Settings window.

Advanced Game Settings

Opens the Advanced Game window.

Startup Menu Settings

Opens the Startup Menu Settings window.

Visual Settings

Opens the Visual Settings window.

Test Game

This allows you to play your game from the very beginning. If you have any scripts in the “Introduction” System Trigger then they will run when you test your game. While testing your game, you can press “~” to increase the speed of the game play by 3. This is only available during the testing of your game and will not be present once your game is built.

Test Game in Browser

This allows you to test your game in your web browser as a HTML5-compatible game. Please note: Only Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are compatible with this feature. Google Chrome also requires you to upload your HTML5 games in order to run them, whereas Mozilla Firefox can run them locally.

Please also note: Due to licensing issues, MIDI and MP3 music is only supported on Windows.

Test Game on Mobile

This opens your web browser and navigates to the Test on Mobile section of the Wiki for those interested in learning how to test their games on their mobile devices.

Build Game

Click here to see Build Game instructions.


Click here to see Debugger options.

Script Debugger

Click here to see Script Debugger options.