System Triggers

This window is used to modify special scripts that activate under certain conditions.

Game Recipe #3 – Title Screens

In this Game Recipe, we will discuss making a title screen for your game. We will be using an interface with selectable fields, as well as system triggers.

Game Recipe #7 - Custom Cursor

In this recipe, we’ll go over how to set up a custom cursor. We’ll be switching to the custom cursor upon starting or loading a game, but you can use the same event to change the cursor between sprites in the middle of the game, if you’d like.

RPG – Menus/HUD (Part 4/5)

In this fourth tutorial, we’ll be adding new resources, creating a start menu and changing how the player’s health is represented on the HUD.

Introduction – scripts will run at the very beginning of your game.

Party Member Level – scripts will run when a Party Member levels up.

Party Death – scripts will run when a Party Member dies.

Loaded Game – scripts will run when the user loads a game save.

Pick Up/Treasure Chest – scripts will run when an Item is picked up and/or a treasure chest is opened.

Door Code – scripts will run when a Door (that requires a code) is activated.

Locked – scripts will run when a Door/Vehicle Actor (that is locked) is activated.

Application Closed – scripts will run when “X” button on application title bar is pressed.

Connection Received – scripts will run when a client has connected to a server using the “Host Server” event.

Connection Lost – scripts will run when a client/server has disconnected.

Console Input – scripts will run when the user enters something into the dedicated server console.