Game Recipes

Game recipes are short and quick tutorials, created by the 001 Team.
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Game Recipe #10 – Utilizing Tiles of Various Resolution
February 8th 2022 NEW!

In this game recipe you’ll learn how to import any tiles that are smaller (e.g. 16×16) or bigger (e.g. 64×64) than the typical 32×32 ones. Afterwards, you can begin setting-up maps to see how these graphics look at the appropriate zoom level. Just follow the simple instructions and in no time you will have your very own unique map – filled with tiles of various resolutions.
Game Recipe #9 – Importing a Background
September 30th 2021 NEW!

In this Game Recipe, we will be going over how to add a parallax background to your maps. We will be covering how to import a background graphic and then how to use the parallax layers to add a background to a blank map. These are useful for making scrolling backgrounds for platform games or static backgrounds for levels.
Game Recipe #8 – Importing Sprites
August 18th 2021 NEW!

In this recipe, we will cover the process of importing a Sprite to use in your game. We will also be showing how to create a basic walking animation with a collision.
Game Recipe #7 – Custom Cursor
July 7th 2021

In this recipe, we’ll go over how to set up a custom cursor. We’ll be switching to the custom cursor upon starting or loading a game, but you can use the same event to change the cursor between sprites in the middle of the game, if you’d like.
Game Recipe #6 – Stamina HUD
April 7th 2021

In this recipe, we will add a stamina display to an interface for use with the sprint system previously implemented in Recipe #5 – Sprint with Stamina (Using Statistics).
Game Recipe #5 – Sprint with Stamina (Using Statistics)
February 3rd 2021

In this recipe, we will walk through the scripting required to implement a sprint system. We will be using a Stamina statistic to limit the length of time the player can run. Using statistics enables us to easily increase maximum stamina as the player levels up, and modify it via items and equipment.
Game Recipe #4 – Make Game Fit the Game Window (Using Camera Zoom)
January 31st 2021

In this Game Recipe, we will be going over how to ensure your game is displayed correctly via the Camera Zoom Event.
Game Recipe #3 – Title Screens
December 23rd 2020

In this Game Recipe, we will discuss making a title screen for your game. We will be using an interface with selectable fields, as well as system triggers.
Game Recipe #2 – Defeat All Enemies (Progression Gates)
December 9th 2020

In this Game Recipe, we will be going over how to gate progression by forcing the player to defeat enemies. We will be using a zone to prevent progression, however this can be achieved in many other ways. Some examples include using actors to block areas, changing tiles to reveal hidden paths, or teleporting the player.
Game Recipe #1 – Simple Following Flashlight/Torch
November 25th 2020

In this Game Recipe, we will be going over how to make a light follow an actor. We will be covering how to make a light that is centered on a player, or a light that is positioned in front of the player.