Input Triggers

Input triggers are conditions tied specifically to user inputs (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc.) When an input is pressed, released or pressed and released the scripts associated with the input will be executed.

The buttons in the top-left corner of the window allow you to Manage your Input Sets.


Display Name – is used to identify the Input Set in the editor.

Scripting ID – is used to identify the Input Set through scripting.

Initially Turned On – when ticked, this will automatically enable the Input Set when the game starts. This option will be disabled if the Input Set has been set as a “Default Input” in the Game Settings window.

Add Control Combination

To create a new Input Trigger, click “Add Control Combination” at the top and then click on the blank button to the left of the window to display a list of different input categories. You can directly press a key/gamepad button at the top or select an input type from one of the drop down menus. You can also select pre-defined Controls from the bottom of the Input menu. This list contains all of the Controls that have been created in the Controls window.

Click on either the “Pressed”, “Pressed and Released” or “Released” buttons to create the control combination (you will see your input displayed in the box underneath). Clicking on “Edit Script” will let you edit the script associated with the assigned input.

You can also add a delay by specifying a time and clicking the “Delay” button. This delay will prevent a script from running for the amount of time specified.

RPG – Flashlight (Bonus 1/2)

In the first part of this bonus tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a flashlight as well as making a roof for our bedroom that toggles on/off when the player enters/leaves.

These are the default input sets that are created by 001 Game Creator when you start an Action / RPG or Platformer Game project.

Gamepad Support

To learn more about how to set up a gamepad please click here.