Test on Mobile

Before you begin testing your games on your mobile devices you’ll first need to set them up by following the instructions down below.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you Optimize Resources before testing your game, otherwise your game will not run!

Please also note: Due to licensing issues, MIDI and MP3 music is only supported on Windows.*

*MIDI and MP3 files can be converted to OGG using the conversion tool built in 001 Game Creator. This can be accessed by right clicking the waveform and then clicking the Effects option.

001 Game Creator Android App

Navigate to the 001 Game Creator program directory (by default this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\001 Game Creator\Map) and copy the “Engine001.apk” file to your Android device. Once copied across, install the APK file and launch the application. You should then see your device’s IP address in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you have obtained the IP address, you can input it into the “Handled Devices” section of the Test Game window. When you test your game (ensuring the “Test on Handled Devices” option is ticked) your game data will be sent over to your Android device and will automatically open once the transfer is complete.

Once a game has been transferred over to your Android device, it can be opened at a later date without needing to open 001 Game Creator on your Windows computer. You can also manage your projects directly within the 001 Game Creator Android App, for if you wish to remove builds from your Android device. Devices must be running at minimum Android version 5.0 to execute properly.