Graphic Editor

The Graphic Editor is a built-in tool to allow users to create Sprites, Tile-Sets, etc. without needing to use external applications. You can launch the Graphic Editor by right-clicking a graphic and selecting “Edit” from the drop down menu. When you save your image in the Graphic Editor, it will automatically update the relevant graphic in the editor.

001 Game Creator automatically interprets Magenta (255, 0, 255) as transparency.

RPG – Menus/HUD (Part 4/5)

In this fourth tutorial, we’ll be adding new resources, creating a start menu and changing how the player’s health is represented on the HUD.


Pencil – a freehand tool for drawing pixels with ease.

Line – allows you to click and drag out a line of pixels in any direction.

Filled Circle – allows you to click and drag out a circle that is then filled with color.

Selection – a rectangle selection that can be used to move/delete specific parts of your image.

Rectangle – similar to “Filled Rectangle” (see below) except it draws an outline only.

Filled Rectangle – allows you to click and drag out a rectangle that is then filled with color.

Circle – similar to “Filled Circle” (see above) except it draws an outline only.

Flood Fill – fills an area with the selected color.

Move Transparency – when ticked, a rectangle selection will also pick up and move any transparency within it. When unticked, only visible pixels are moved.

Brush Color – the color the painted pixels will be in.

Erase – removes painted pixels and replaces them with transparency.

Undo – undoes the last performed action.

Redo – redoes the last performed action.


The zoom magnification allows you to zoom in/out to specific zoom multipliers. You can also use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out.


The grid buttons allow you overlay grid lines over your graphic to assist you while you draw. These lines will not become a part of your graphic. You can turn these grid lines off by pressing the “Off” button.

Grid Color – toggles the grid line color from black to white.

Snap To Grid – when ticked, the drawing tools will automatically snap to the grid lines to allow for more precise painting.


Changes the size of the graphic by stretching it to fit the specified X and Y dimensions.

Resize Canvas Only – when ticked, only the canvas (background) will be resized. Your graphic will remain unaltered.


Swatches – the panel to the right of the Graphic Editor displays various swatch colors to quickly select appropriate colors for your brush. The drop down menu above this allows you to change how the swatches are displayed (by selecting “Alternative”) as well as only show colors you’ve used for your graphic (by selecting “Used”).

RGB/HSL Sliders – these sliders allow you to specify colors based on their RGB (Red/Green/Blue: 0-255) or HSL (Hue: 0-360, Saturation/Light: 0-100) values.

Opacity – this panel allows you to change a colors opacity to make it more or less transparent.


The preview window displays your graphic as it will appear in-editor to give you a constant reference to how your graphic will actually look in your games. This is especially useful if you’re constantly zoomed in and are always seeing the details up close.