This is the window where you can set up Fonts for use in your game and customize how they will behave in Interfaces. 001 Game Creator projects come with two default fonts: “Main Font” and “Health Font”.

“Main Font” is used in most events such as the Message Box, displaying log messages, etc. whereas “Health Font” is used when spawning numbers over an Actor’s head to display a change in health or another Statistic. This pop-up can be turned on or off in the Visual Settings window.

The buttons in the top-left corner of the window allow you to Manage your resources.


Display Name – is used to identify the Font in the editor.

Scripting ID – is used to identify the Font through scripting.

Source Font

Font Face – sets the Font style from your hard drive that will be used for the new Font in your game.

Font Size – sets the size at which the characters of the Font will be displayed.

Bold – when ticked, this will increase the thickness of the Font.

Italic – when ticked, this will italicise the Font.

Underline – when ticked, this will underline the Font.

Strikethrough – when ticked, this will put a line through the middle of the Font.


None – when selected, this removes any outline styles from the Font. This is the default setting.

Smooth – when selected, this will set up anti-aliasing for the Font, making it appear smoother.

Hollow – when selected, this will remove the fill from the Font and display the characters only as outlines. The middle of this Font will appear as transparent.

Bordered – when selected, this will add a black border to the characters of the Font.

Glyph Padding – sets the space between each glyph (character) in the Font. If your Font has visual glitches, increasing this number should fix the problem.

Available Characters

This section will display all available characters for the Font family in a checked list box. Individual character sets can be added or removed by ticking and unticking the appropriate listing respectively. Individual characters can also be typed in using the text box directly underneath. Any characters that are not selected will appear as “?”.


This section will display a sample sentence to show you what the Font will look like in-game. You can type your own custom characters in the box below the preview to see what certain combinations of characters look like.