001 Game Creator – Visual Novel Kit

001 Game Creator – Visual Novel Kit




The Visual Novel Expansion DLC provides 001 Game Creator users with a brand new template designed to create Visual Novels. The package comes withseveral pre-made assets to allow users to immediately jump in and start building their dream Visual Novel. Players can build directly off this template or use the assets/scripts to create their own from scratch. Your purchase of the Standalone version of 001 Game Creator, or any of the DLC content, will also come with a free Steam key so you can have access to both versions!

  • 8 hand drawn and colored backgrounds that suit both fantasy and steam-punk settings
  • 16 hand drawn unique characters fitting a fantasy/steampunk setting: Male/Female Protagonist, Male/Female Civilian, Male/Female Elf, Male/FemaleDwarf, Male/Female Mage, Male/Female Merchant, Male/Female Orc, Male/Female Sky Pirate
  • 478 total individual character sprite layers able to be colored to the user’s desire
  • 17 hand drawn and colored emoticons: stunned, cloud, drop, exclamation, heart, lightning bolt, anger, single musical note, multiple musical notes,question mark, double question marks, rain, smoke, stars, sun, surprise and zzz
  • Dialogue and player choice interfaces custom made to suit the Visual Novel genre
  • Unique fetch quest system via a custom event and interface that allows you to present items to an NPC
  • View names and descriptions of different locations and travel to them via a custom designed interface
  • Auto and Skip functions
001 Game Creator – Visual Novel Kit