001 Game Creator – Enhanced RPG Kit

001 Game Creator – Enhanced RPG Kit

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Create incredible role-playing games with our Enhanced RPG (Turn-Based Battles) Kit that not only adds a ton of new features not seen in the built-in RPG template, but also adds a bunch of quality of life improvements and even a fully functional Turn-Based Battle system! With this DLC Kit, creating your dream RPG is no longer a fantasy, but a reality! Your purchase of the Standalone version of 001 Game Creator, or any of the DLC content, will also come with a free Steam key so you can have access to both versions!

Full Feature List:

Fully customizable turn-based battle system

  • Add enemies or allies mid-battle at any time
  • Fully customizable enemy or ally AI system
  • Conditional based skills/attacks
  • Ability to run text code for complicated attack skills/cutscenes
  • Run/Block chances
  • Randomized weighted AI options with ability for force skills if condition is met
  • Mid-Battle cutscenes
  • Random map battles with weighted encounter chances
  • Completely compatible with action-combat based games
  • Scene/Pattern based map configurations
  • Ability to place battles on the same map as action-combat or transition to a new map

Various item constants added to compliment turn-based battle system

  • Default enemy/ally selection (TBB)
  • Item Overriding (TBB)
  • Hiding item from menus (TBB)
  • Force item to be used on caster (TBB)
  • Hide displaying of weapon targeting message and targeting arrows (TBB)
  • Disabling damage script entirely when this item is used
  • Damage absorption as HP when the target is hit
  • Animation lock which prevents movement or animation changes

Improved HUD

  • Displays HP/MP/Name?Level
  • Displays held item/ammunition
  • Displays hotkeyed magic spells
  • Multi-Purpose log text which pops out of corner with background
  • Party Name/HP/MP Display
  • Added numerical display to speedometer

Improved floating character HUD

  • Displays name – Word bubbles above head

More graphically visual main menu

  • Sorting items into “Usable”, “Equipment” or “Misc”
  • Tossable items with “Key” items being untossable
  • Equipping items show stat differences in real-time
  • Party status window showing active effects and character information
  • Detailed log showing most previous logs that were popped up on the main menu

Fully customizable objective based questing system with rewards

  • Objectives for item collection, or scripted counting
  • Item/EXP/Money?Point rewards
  • Quest management in the games main menu with optional quests able to be abandoned

Fully customizable status effect system

  • Stat modifications, moving speed modifications, stun, sleep and poison setup by default
  • Custom durations with automatic conversion between action combat and turn-based combat
  • Various new potions and items to cure various status effects
  • Custom triggers for starting, ticking or ending status effects

Preloaded with extra assets not found in other templates

  • Fully animated magic spells
  • Sound effects used in the demo

Preloaded with extra assets not found in other templates

  • Added “ZBlock” and “Miss” possibilities with visible messages


  • Better project asset organization
  • Magic Hotkeys for action combat
  • Simplified pop-up notifications for quick messages
  • Customizable damage numbers
  • Actor templates showing basic quests/shop/inn
  • Improved system scripts to take advantage of pop-up notifications
  • Simple to use actor following system with min/max distances and wandering distance
  • Interface scaling system to better scale on high resolution displays
  • Auto-Zoom camera system to better lock the visual range based on resolution
  • Improved game over message
001 Game Creator – Enhanced RPG Kit