Open Dev Kit – Alpha to Beta, and much more

We have some unbelievably exciting news to share with you all today. Our brand new app/game development software Open Dev Kit is now leaving behind its Alpha phase, and officially entering the public Beta stage! This marks a significant milestone and step forward in making Open Dev Kit a powerful development tool, thanks to your invaluable feedback! A lot of other things have also been happening lately behind the scenes, so keep on reading to learn more and get hyped.

Alpha to Beta: A Major Milestone

Ever since its early Alpha, Open Dev Kit has come a flabbergastingly long way in many different aspects — from functionality, stability, accessibility and so much more.

Our team has been relentless at work to bring excellence to Open Dev Kit, while the feedback we received from everyone has also been instrumental in shaping it into what it is now, and what it’s slowly but steadily becoming. We’ve implemented countless features that greatly enhanced the development experience — from 3D to physics, to even Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools — and made significant improvements to performance and overall stability.

Demos now available!

To showcase some of the amazing capabilities of Open Dev Kit, we’ve put together a couple demos for you to check out, and get a taste of what you can do as well (although do note, that’s barely scratching the surface). Ready up now — a 3D platformer plus a 2D isometric RPG — and we’ve got a few more on the way too!

Visit here to check them out:

New Pricing Based on Community Feedback

You asked, we listened and we delivered. We went through all our available tiers and tried reformulating them to give you the best value you can possibly get. To summarize we’ve lowered pricing, reduced tier count, and enhanced benefits.

Specifically, the Start-Up tier has been phased out as it was a bit redundant, and for Premium and Business we greatly reduced the cost. Additionally, some benefits will now benefit you even MORE, like maximum cloud builds getting double in almost every tier, and now you can save 20% if you’d like to go with a yearly plan. You save us time, we save you money.

And remember — “No Royalties. No Income Limits. No Distribution Fees.”. We stand by this motto and plan on keeping up this policy of ours. What you earn is YOUR business only!

See which tier best suits your needs:

Learn More About Open Dev Kit

Still unconvinced or curious what sets Open Dev Kit apart? Head over to our About page to get a fuller picture. For a glimpse on its creative possibilities, check out the ever-expanding Showcase page featuring amazing projects developed with it. And if you have any questions, our FAQ page has got you covered!

Feel like giving Open Dev Kit a try?

For those of you who still use 001 Game Creator to this day, but would like to get a taste of the much more powerful Open Dev Kit as well, we got you covered. We’ve created a detailed comparison to help you understand the differences and improvements in over 001 Game Creator.

Check out it out and make up your mind:

001 Game Creator Humble Bundle Now Live

We have some more exciting news for our 001 Game Creator fans! Starting today, you can get 001 Game Creator and a variety of its DLCs at an unbeatable price through our Humble Bundle deal. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your friends and family involved too and support Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in addition to enhancing your creative toolkit. Don’t miss out on these incredible savings!

Thank you for your support!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to extend our thanks to all of you — our lovely community — for allowing us to bring to you such a project and watch it come to fruition! Your insights have driven our progress, and as we move into the beta phase, we’re more committed than ever to collaborating with our community to build the ultimate game/app development platform, one we and all of you can be proud of. Again, thank you for being part of this incredible journey! We hope you continue to be with us, and remember, the best is yet to come!

With gratitude,
The SoftWeir Team

Open Dev Kit – Alpha to Beta, and much more