Is your project all jazzed up and has no place to go? Let us help you! Our professional publishing services can get your project onto the main stage in all of the major marketplaces such as Steam, the IOS store, Google Play, or even Kongregate and Newgrounds!

What do I get if I purchase a publishing service?
  • We set up your complete store presence and data, so it’s ready for it’s first launch!
  • We package your 001 Game Creator application for the platform you wish to target, to ensure proper functionality.
  • We collect screenshots and footage from your game, to display on your new store page. Media can also be provided by you, if you have something special you’d like to see on your listing.
  • You get to relax, while we fill in all of the necessary information for your page. You can provide specific information to be displayed if you choose.
  • Store pages can be created using an existing account, or we can host your game under SoftWeir Inc. at no additional cost!
What to keep in mind when choosing a publishing service.
  • 001 Game Creator Publishing services are not required to self publish your games. All publishing services are optional, but, can serve as the kick-start to get your game out to the public.
  • Our professional publishing services, are strictly related to publishing. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your interfaces, controls, and the game overall, are properly set up for the platform that you are publishing to. We can package your game for you, but it’s your masterpiece to create!
  • Your game must perform in a manner that will allow us to collect footage and screenshots, so we can create a top notch page to display your work of art. It’s also acceptable if you choose to submit your own media to be displayed on your store listing.
  • The game you are publishing must be of good taste and quality. Questionable content, will need to undergo a review process in which SoftWeir team members will determine whether or not the content can be published. Questionable content would include, but is not limited to sensitive subjects such as racism, hate speech, propaganda, defamitory statements about real people, and erotica/pornography. SoftWeir team members will determine where the line is drawn between artistic value, and questionable content.
  • Your game must perform well enough to target the platforms you are trying to publish to. If you’ve made a game and it doesn’t run well (e.g. it’s excessively laggy, or is unplayable due to errors etc.), then we will not be able to publish your game in good confidence. We want to be able to attract customers for your game, and help you show off how truly great it can be!
  • You must own the rights or usage rights to the content that will be distributed with your game. By purchasing a publishing service from SoftWeir Inc., you agree that you have the appropriate permissions to use and distribute the content within your game. SoftWeir Inc. is NOT responsible for any copyright disputes that may arise from using this service. We will NOT issue refunds for any content that contains DMCA protected material.
  • If your game fails to meet these marks, we may have to reject it. If your game is rejected for one of the above reasons, we will gladly refund your money, however you may be subject to a 10% processing fee.