Gameplay Scripting & Optimization – 60min. Session

Gameplay Scripting & Optimization – 60min. Session



If you find yourself at a standstill, and not sure what to do next, or need assistance optimizing your project to make it run smoother, we can help! Our team will gladly optimize, and help build the perfect system for your games needs. Our extensive knowledge of 001’s scripting system will let you get your game on the track you’ve been looking for, and you can leap over any hurdles you’ve encountered! Sessions start at 60 minutes, and include direct one on one contact with an official 001 Support Team member.

Need an example?
  • Turn-based Battle Systems
  • Match 3
  • Action RPG
  • RTS
  • MOBA
  • And whatever you can think of!

*if more than 60 minutes of service is required, you will be prompted to pay further before services may be continued.

Mid-Session Cancellations/Extensions/Disputes:

  • Tutors reserve the right to cancel any appointment as needed. If a situation occurs where a tutor must cancel an appointment, customers may be asked to reschedule with another tutor/artist or at a different time at no additional cost.
  • We understand issues may arise during your appointment. If the appointment needs to be cut short (either by the customer or tutor) customers may be issued a partial refund depending on the time remaining or can be rescheduled with your tutor at a later time to complete your session.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment time may incur a %10 processing fee.
  • If your issue has not been solved in the time frame you reserved, tutors may extend your time free of charge at their discretion.
  • If the customer feels the tutor has not completed their request in a timely manner (within the reserved time frame), if they act rudely, do anything malicious, or misbehave. Customers may file a dispute and a delegated staff member will request the video/audio/chat logs. If the review is found in the customers favor the customer will be issued a full refund, including the processing fee, and the tutor will be dealt with accordingly by staff.
  • Cases under review require the tutor to send in the video/chat logs/voice recordings, if they are unable to do so the claim will be accepted and the customer will be refunded. It is entirely up to the delegated staff member to either refund or decline the claim, and to decide how much time is to be refunded.
  • All disputes must be filed within 48 hours from the end of the tutor session, likewise, tutors must retain all video/chat/audio logs for this period as well in case of a dispute.
  • Disputes can be filed via email and a staff member will review your case as soon as possible.
Gameplay Scripting & Optimization – 60min. Session