SoftWeir Game Design Worksheets

SoftWeir Game Design Worksheets


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IMPORTANT: This DLC does not add any additional functionality to 001 Game Creator. This DLC is a an E-Book delivered in PDF format which you can easily view/print using any PDF viewer, and usable with any Game Creation software of your choosing.

Plan your dream video game!
By using our premium game development worksheets you can take the first steps in planning your dream video game! This selection of resources includes 21 individual worksheets, our Game Design Documentation Builder and Project Management bundle.

Included items

  • Game Design Documentation Builder
  • Project Management Bundle
  • Animation Design Worksheet
  • Armor Design Worksheet
  • Character Design Worksheet
  • General Item Design Worksheet
  • Map Design Worksheet (Grid/Isometric/Room Builder/Blank)
  • Script Design Worksheet (Single/Tree/Comparison/Linear/Filled/Blank)
  • Story Design Worksheet
  • Storyboard Design Worksheet
  • UI Design Worksheet (App/Mobile/Grid)
  • Weapon Design Worksheet
  • World Design Worksheet

Available in English only, designed for everyone 10+

SoftWeir Game Design Worksheets