001 Game Creator Educational – Essentials

001 Game Creator Educational – Essentials


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STEM Education through video game creation
001 Game Creator is a Graphically Assisted Scripting engine for beginners and advanced users alike. Our educational version provides a hands-on informal educational mechanism to teach students and children science, engineering and mathematics through the use of technology. This plan comes with the following features:

If you require Combined Licenses (ex. 20 seats with one key), Purchase Orders, or Payment via Cheque, we would be happy to manually process your order through the Educational Contact Form. Be sure to include which tier you are purchasing as well as how many workstations. Please note that for manual processing of orders we require a minimum purchase of 20 workstations.

Learning Resources

  • Unlimited Community Support
  • Written Guides & Video Tutorials
  • 001 Basics & 001 Resources E-Book
  • Quizzes, Tests and Assignments
  • 1x Priority Support Ticket

Educational Software

  • Easy Graphical Scripting
  • Multiple Demos and Examples
  • Windows Exporting
  • Unrestricted Assets/Resources
  • Interface Editor & Unlimited Maps
  • Game Tools and Debugger

Want more than just windows exporting?

Get your students exporting to multiple platforms to make your next game design unit shine!

001 Game Creator Educational – Essentials