Dragon’s Den Resource Pack

Dragon’s Den Resource Pack



This Dragon’s Den Resource Pack adds new Tile-Sets, Sprites, Backgrounds, Character Portraits, Music and Sound Effects to 001 Game Creator created by Joel Steudler.

Content Included:

  • Ice, Lava and Cavern Tile-Sets including new Ground, Terraformation and Lower-Objects
  • 9 Terrain Backgrounds including Cavern, Fire, Ice and Mountain
  • 4 Character Sprites including Dragon Red, Dragon Blue, Dragon Priest and Dragon Shaman (with alternative pallet swap versions)
  • 5 Enemy Sprites including Dragon Lord, Dragon Priest, Dragon Shaman, Dragon Warrior and Dragon Whelp (with various color variants)
  • 7 Unique Dragon Character Portraits
  • 10 Background Music tracks
  • 10 Sound Effects
  • 12 Voice Clips
Dragon’s Den Resource Pack