Dragon’s Den Resource Pack

Dragon’s Den Resource Pack

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This Dragon’s Den Resource Pack adds new Tile-Sets, Sprites, Backgrounds, Character Portraits, Music and Sound Effects to 001 Game Creator created by Joel Steudler. Your purchase of the Standalone version of 001 Game Creator, or any of the DLC content, will also come with a free Steam key so you can have access to both versions!

Content Included:

  • Ice, Lava and Cavern Tile-Sets including new Ground, Terraformation and Lower-Objects
  • 9 Terrain Backgrounds including Cavern, Fire, Ice and Mountain
  • 4 Character Sprites including Dragon Red, Dragon Blue, Dragon Priest and Dragon Shaman (with alternative pallet swap versions)
  • 5 Enemy Sprites including Dragon Lord, Dragon Priest, Dragon Shaman, Dragon Warrior and Dragon Whelp (with various color variants)
  • 7 Unique Dragon Character Portraits
  • 10 Background Music tracks
  • 10 Sound Effects
  • 12 Voice Clips
Dragon’s Den Resource Pack