STEM Course for 001 Game Creator: Basics

STEM Course for 001 Game Creator: Basics

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Create your dream video game!
By reading this book you will be taken on a journey showing you everything you will need to build your dream creation using 001 Game Creator. STEM Course for 001 Game Creator: Basics has been designed as an introductory STEM educational course that any beginner to game development can pick up and start creating games today!

Game design can be an intimidating task that used to require many years of knowledge. Using 001 Game Creator anyone can dive into game design without any prior scripting knowledge! 001 Game Creator has various features built in to jump-start game creation simplifying the development process. The first book in our 001 Game Creator STEM Learning Course Series, 001 Basics, will provide you with the knowledge needed to start your creation today!

  • Provides you with the core engine fundamentals and various examples.
  • Learn various tips and tricks to help you develop your game using 001 Game Creator.
  • Create your own character and monster designs!

Topics Covered:

  • Step-By-Step creation of your first project.
  • Creation of exciting maps with customizable characters and items.
  • Overview of how Node-Based Scripting works.
  • Creating your first quest using conditions.
  • Overview of how to setup various commonly used scripts.
  • Creation and customization of the player’s party.
  • How to modify or create your own controls/inputs.
  • And so much more!

Do I need this book?
If you are a beginner to game design, teaching game design to your child, or simply new to 001 Game Creator, this book is for you! Using the knowledge gained from this book you can bring your dream creations to life.

Available in English only, designed for everyone 10+

STEM Course for 001 Game Creator: Basics