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  • Create games for PC, Steam, Native Android/iOS, HTML5
  • Online multi-player and split-screen
  • 2D/3D camera and audio systems
  • Import your own graphics, models, materials and effects
  • Tons of premade customizable assets


All-in-one Game Distribution

Make games for PC, mobile devices or web browsers effortlessly with the freedom to distribute your games however you want (and no extra fees!)


Multi-Layer Map Editor

Build multi-layered environments with full support for parallax backgrounds/foregrounds, map lighting, weather and fog effects (without any restrictions!)


2D/3D Game Development

Change the orientation of your game’s camera to 45 degree, top-down, front view, side view, isometric or even a 3D perspective – with full 3D model/animation support, normal mapping, custom shader materials and 7.1 3D HD audio all included!


Online/Local Multiplayer

Create massively multiplayer online games (TCP/UDP) and co-operative local multiplayer experiences with support for up to four players, multiple gamepad support and split-screen functionality built-in!


Graphical/Text Scripting

With our Graphically-Assisted Scripting engine, anyone can start crafting new, imaginative gaming experiences, which is perfect for artists and designers who prefer a more hands-on, visualised approach!


Interface/HUD Designer

Create menus, dialogs and windows with ease using our Interface Designer! Add buttons, labels, images and graphs/charts to create intuitive Interfaces for your players to navigate and freely customise all of the default Interfaces to give your game its own unique identity.



Version 2023.009.000
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11


Version 2023.009.000

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11