Beginner Guides

Learn how to start making your first video game.
Learn core fundamentals of scripting.
Learn how to make a simple platformer.
Learn fundamentals of making interfaces.
Learn how to make simple cutscenes.

Community Guides

001 Game Recipes
Learn how to create many scripts right from us.
Variables, Switches, Collections, and Tables
Learn about variables, switches, collections, and tables.
Creating Art For 001
Designed to help artists create assets to be used in 001 Game Creator.
Optimizing Performance
Getting the most performance out of your games in 001 Game Creator.
Creating An RPG Game
An overview of creating an RPG from start to finish.
Introduction To Collections
A more in depth look at collections and how to use them.
Introduction To Tables
A more in depth look at tables and how to use them.
Introduction To Loops
A more in depth look at loops and how to use them.
Face The Cursor
A quick guide on how to make your actor face the cursor.
Create Interface Sliders
A guide on how to create sliders for interfaces.

General Video Tutorials

How to create your own custom resources.


RPG Video Tutorials

Creating our first Map, adding some NPCs and setting up Actor Movement.

Creating a quest, connecting maps together, changing the player's name, placing Items and interacting/equipped items.

Setting up gamepad controls, editing player's appearance and stats, creating cinematic cutscene.

Adding new resources, creating a start menu and changing how the player's health is represented on the HUD.

Making magic, adding a new party member, creating a kill quest, as well as building our game so that others can play it.

Create a flashlight as well as making a roof that toggles on/off when the player enters/leaves.

Adding hidden objects/temporary blocking, creating an auto-save feature and removing the black borders that appear around maps.

MMORPG Kit Video Tutorials

Setting up the server MMORPG DLC Kit.

How different types of NPC Actors are used in online multiplayer games.

How Item Quests and Kill Quests are created.

How to create console commands and building your game.


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